Wellington Airport Flight path Investigation:

All of the data we received from you was excellent.

You provided a high level of metadata and file formats that were easy to work with.

You were also on schedule and kept in great touch with us.

We would definitely call again if we have further requirements.”

Julia Roberts
Aero Data Engineer
Naverus, Inc.USA


Small Urban Subdivision:

Although this was my first time to do such a project, overall I was very happy with the service I got. You kept me informed & were always available for us to discuss things through. If I were to do a similar project again, definitely I will come back to you.

I wouldn’t even hesitate to recommend someone over to you who need similar service.

Once again thank you for your help.



Survey Control:

I was Geodetic Contract Manager for Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) from July 1996 until I retired in March 2009. During that time, I had the pleasure of awarding a number of Geodetic Control Survey and Maintenance contracts to Kevin Sewell of GeoMatic Surveys Ltd, Rotorua.

The field work and deliverables for these contracts were required to comply with LINZ’s stringent Geodetic Control and Geodetic Maintenance standards and specifications. I am pleased to advise that Kevin was easily able to meet these standards and specifications, as well as completing all the geodetic contract work to an agreed budget. As I recall, the required contract deliverables were always supplied on time and they usually included very comprehensive reporting, a valuable bonus much appreciated by LINZ.

As a result of this geodetic contract work, an excellent working relationship developed between Kevin and myself. This ensured a smooth and no-surprises transition through all stages of each contract. Kevin always maintained a strong line of communication to ensure LINZ’s best interests were being met regardless of potentially changing circumstances. I thoroughly appreciated this working relationship and as a result, I came to regard him as a very close and responsible working partner.

I thoroughly recommend GeoMatic Surveys Ltd to any organisation who is contemplating issuing future geodetic survey control work that is required to meet the New Zealand Government’s geodetic control standards and specifications.

Geoff Linnell
Ex Geodetic Contract Manager Land Information New Zealand

Site Certification:

In my opinion there is no improvement needed with your service. I was very impressed that you had notified the council by lunch time and yes, approval was achieved.

I have already recommended your company to the architect and if I hear of anyone else requiring a Surveyor, I shall certainly be telling them of you.

Thank you for providing an excellent service.

Suzanne Gallagher


Site Plan:

Fantastic, thanks. I really appreciate your help and prompt service. I have already passed on your survey to the draughtsman to update the plans to go to Council.

Thank again.
Ruth Emtage

Boundary Reinstatement:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a thoroughly professional job you did in locating the boundary on our farm property. Although it would have been a small job, I maintain it is the small tasks that sort the good businesses from the excellent ones and in my opinion you are an excellent business and one I would be willing to recommend to any of your prospective clients.

Selwyn Coker